Sunday, May 11, 2008

Blogger Poll blank space problem

I had earlier complained about creating a poll and observing a blank space below it. Unfortunately, I did not take a screen shot nor noted other details like what browser I was using then. Someone asked, "anyone also see that blank space?"

When I saw that response, I immediately checked, and there were no blank space, and had to sheepishly responded that there were none before others begin other responses like I was in the twilight zone (which could also mean my age and could also mean senility, etc.) That happened while using the FireFox 2.0 browser.

Recently, I had reasons to go to the same blog where the poll had still not been created with Opera 9.27, and somewhat to my "relief", that blank space below the poll was still there. This time, I took a screen shot and you can view that below:

blank space below poll created via Blogger

I tested with Internet Explorer 7, Flock 1.1.2, Netscape, Avant 11.6, Safari for Windows 3.1.1 and wanted to try xbBrowser (Xero Bank). However, that gave some problem but in anycase, is almost the same as FireFox so I think it is fine to leave out xbBrowser.

In conclusion, this poll with blank space problem is only with Opera, not any other browser I have.