Thursday, December 05, 2013

How can small local business get leads?

My son runs a small local business in Security Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur. He is good in installing alarms, CCTV, Card Access, Samsung Digital Door Locks. But he can sure do with some help getting leads.

In my times, I would advice him to put a paid insertion in the printed Yellow Pages. But how many people in this Internet era refer to the printed Yellow Pages to find products and services anymore? The last time that I myself used the Yellow Pages was a long time ago.

Now I just get into Internet, open Google search engine and type in key word and within seconds and often in the first page or at most, the second page in the SERP, I would have found what I want.

So now how can my son get leads for his alarms, CCTV, card access and digital door locks local business? Not likely in the outdated printed Yellow Pages. That now belongs to the dinosaur era.

Well he has a website - Techman Systems and I think all he need to do is to drive/draw traffic to his website. Then someone through an agency told me about local search marketing. That sure would be handy for it is not visitors from a far away country or town that he needs to draw to his website. It is the local prospects.

He will need to do local SEO or get someone do it for him. Yeah, that sure would be good for him. He needs local visitors. Even Google is concentrating on local searches.

Where can he get help since I don't think he has the time to do all the above? Well, the same agency told me about RevLocal. I think I will draw his attention to that company.

Internet Marketing mailing list and list building

I have been thinking about doing Internet Marketing, specifically email marketing. What was holding me up? It takes long time to build up a big enough list.

Then someone at List Giant told me through an agency about what they do and it sounds like that is a good short cut to having my own mailing list.

Well, what exactly do List Giant do? Obviously from their name, they deal in lists probably in a big way since they call themselves List Giant. Wow! even have a Guarantee their list quality and accuracy plus a free trial.

Well, what do you think? Should I get a list from them to turbocharge my long delayed ambition? Maybe I will contact and get more details about what they can do to help me.

Yes, I think I will do that. Walla, I will be on my way. What should I ask them? Maybe, "Sir, I want to start a mailing list in the Health niche. What do you have to offer to help me quickly start my email marketing? Thank you."

Friday, August 23, 2013

Hotels and Resorts need hospitality supplies

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