Thursday, September 27, 2007

Advantages of tabbed browsing

I love FireFox as it allows me to do tabbed browsing. What is meant by tabbed browsing? Let us take this interesting site Coupon Chief to use as an example. This is a site which helps people shop for things online and save money at the same time using coupons. If you are reading this page, you are most likely to be interested in things connected with the Internet, software and Computers. In the same window I can have pages (tabs) opened in the same window.

For example, I am interested in Computers and Software in the site linked to above, you will find a lists of categories of different products on the left sidebar. Under the " Category" section, 7th down the line you will see the category "Computers and Software" at the time of publishing. You can click on "Computers and Software", but it will mean you will lose your current homepage of that site as the new page opens in the same window. However, if you right-click on Computers and Software, a "menu" will appear where you have a choice of

Open Link in New Window
Open Link in New Tab

plus other choices. Chose "Open in a New Tab", and the page listing all the computers and software will appear in a new tab in the same window (second red arrow), and your homepage of "Coupon chief" will remain in the first tab in the same window (first arrow. Click on screenshot to enlarge so you can see the arrows better):

Firefox browser with a few tabs opened in the same window

There are other categories listed which is likely to be of interest to those who blog or surf the Internet, like Wireless and Internet. Right-click on that and chose "open in new tab, and the page for "Wireless and Internet" will open in another tab (third red arrow in the screenshot above). I use a wireless modem router and wished I had bought that via Coupon Chief for I may have save some money using their coupon that way.

There is another section "Coupons by Stores", and I see 9 stores listed in that section. You may be interested in a store like Dell Home. Right click on this link or in the link under "Coupons by Store" section, and choose "Open in new tab" and "Coupon Chief - Dell Home" will open in another new tab (third arrow in screenshot above) listing all the Dell products you can purchase and save some money using coupons without losing your other pages.

Or perhaps you will prefer to see a list of all stores where you can save some money using coupons. Right-click on the "Store" Coupon Chief Coupns, Categories and Store tabs tab at the top of the page and chose "Open in a new tab" and a page listing a long list of stores will open in another new tab in the same window.

You can easily navigate to any of the above named pages the same window at any time in by clicking on the tabs highlighted by the red window.

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ada6a03 said...

however,I want to know if that holds less memory space and so the strain on the OS can be reduced.
Well,that's one of my question in my homework.
Anyway,Thanks for sharing.