Sunday, September 30, 2007

Browsers that have tabbed browsing

Ever since I downloaded and installed FireFox which have tabbed browsing, it has been my favorite browser. It still is, but I have started using other browsers which also have tabbed browsing. One of them is Opera. I invariably have more than one browsers opened in my computer when I am online for reasons explained in Why you should be using more than one browser. I have used Opera when I need to manage (publish post, edit, etc.) my Google Blogger blogs, but they must have auto upgraded it to a newer version. Now I am unable to sign into my Google Blogger account as explained in Problem signing into Blogger with Opera.

Now I use Flock browser. Flock is a web browser based on FireFox. It is frequently referred to as a "social browser" because it is able to interact with popular social networking web services such as Flickr,, Technorati, Photobucket, and various popular blogging and news aggregation services. So far, I have had absolutely no problem with Flock.

Let us see how Flock with its tabbed browsing helps with sites like Coupon Chief, which is site that helps online shopper save on online purchases. If we want to keep Coupon Chief homepage opened, but would like to view the page listing all the categories, all we have to do is to right click on the "Categories" Coupon Chief categories tab tab at the top of the page and select "Open in new tab", and a new tab will open listing all the categories that Coupon Chief have.

Want to look for products according to the stores? Right-click on the "Stores" Coupon Chief stores tab tab, and another tab showing all the stores that are partnering with Coupon Chief will open without losing the other two. There sure is a very long list of stores there. Unless you are familiar with the store, you probably wouldn't know what the stores are selling, but you may be looking for flowers for your wedding anniversary to present to your loving wife.

No problem, just click the "Browse Coupons by Categories --- Coup.." Flock browser Browse Coupons by Category tab tab of the Flock browser at the top of the page (under the menu bar) and you will be back to the page listing all the categories. Right-click on the "Flowers and Gifts" flowers and gifts link link and again select "Open in new tab" and the page listing all the flowers and gifts merchants will open in another separate tab. Slowly chose your pick.

The top of the Flock browser will look like this (click on screenshot to enlarge):

You can go from one tab to the other at will according to what you want to do. Just compare that to inconvenience of the old Internet Explorer 6 and under, which don't have tabbed browsing. It is only after a very long time that Microsoft finally caught up and came up with Internet Explorer 7, which have followed the other browsers and now have tabbed browsing. However, there is still one thing I don't like about Internet Explorer 7. In all the other browsers, when I want a new empty tab, all I have to do is to click "File" in the menu bar and select "New tab" and a new empty tab will open instantly. I do that in Internet Explorer 7, there is a significant pause before I get the new empty tab.

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