Monday, January 28, 2008

Browsers and computers

There are lots of web browsers out there, great majority (I think all) are free. However, not all are independent of the type of computers you buy or the operating system they use (Windows, Linux, MAC OS, etc. Some web browsers are cross-platform, meaning they work with PC (Personal Computers) and MAC plus different operating systems. Some only work with specific type of computers and/or specific operating system.

Now if you want to use a specific browser, but currently have a specific type of computer or operating system which is not compatible with the web browser you want to use, you will have no choice but to get that type of computer and/or operating system that works with the browser you want to use. A place to start looking may be Coupon Chief. They have merchants which offers discounts and special offers classified according to stores and according to categories, and in the Computers and software category, you might just find what you need, and hopefully, at a deeply discounted price too.

If you are looking for something new, Dell home may be the merchant you want. At time of publishing, I see discounts like "$500 off...." and "50% off....", etc. However, this page offers mainly digital cameras and other computer accessories and related stuff. Can't remember how I found this page Dell Inspiron laptops, but I think it was by clicking on one of the links in the "Dell Home" page. Listed there are, of course, are Dell Inspiron laptops, but what I found interesting is that the sidebar in that page is different. Instead of merchants classified according to stores or merchants, they have computers classified according to price, screen size, weight, plus other sections including "Dell deals", "essential links" (including Windows Vista and Open Source PCs, and the last section, "shipping and returns".

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