Sunday, February 03, 2008

Flock social web browser

I am a heavy multi-tasker, and for me Flock is an ideal web browser, especially when I am logged into my Facebook account. Just have a look at what I see in the Flock social web browser in the screenshot below (click on screenshot to enlarge):

Flock social web browser and Facebook

On the left of my screen, I can see myself as well as many of my Facebook friends plus their status. With just a click, I can open the profile of my Facebook friend and perform various actions such as sending them a message, etc. Not too long ago, when my son-in-law was in London, while doing my other tasks, I found out that he woke up at 5 am in the morning, then later saw that he had a headache and still later sad to find out he was sore at some of his clients, so obviously having a bit of a problem. Right now, I see Amanda, the wizard (or wizardress?) of just updated her profile 38 minutes ago.

Now don't fear invasion of privacy because the more private things that we can see are what Facebook members themselves chose to display, not the really private part of his or her life. But is is a great way of keeping an eye on your friends while doing your normal tasks. If you like social networking, you should definitely get Facebook social web browser.

More on Facebook browser later.


Whizzed said...

Do you get pluggins with this flock browser Peter as I find on Firefox I cannot view videos in flash at times so am forced to use IE7 as I can on there

Peter Chen said...

Hi Whizzed,

I don't install many plug-ins or extensions, just a few. I have not install any plug-in for Flock as I have no need to. I currently have FireFox, Flock, Netscape, Opera opened, and today is a rare day, I do not have Internet Explorer or Avant opened. I may jump from browser to browser depending on what I want.

But if you are interested in plug-ins for Flock, you can go to Flock plug-ins (it says in this page "plug-ins", but in I remembered correctly, I clicked on a link "Extensions" to get there), you can surf over there and see if anything interest you.

Peter Blog*Star
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Whizzed said...

Well I can and do get all your activities (which I am beginning to think is a bad thing)on here So I really don't see the difference personally.
My opinion Peter ok I may be wrong
I have also come to the conclusion that all these social network sites are not a good thing in a lot of ways, ok some are ok but not all.
I find two browsers enough really Peter but will download flock again and have another look at it as long as it's compatible with Vista