Saturday, March 01, 2008

Flock social web browser searching for real estate bargains while keeping track of Facebook friends

Most people would have heard of the sub-prime crisis, what one blogger described as an unfortunate crisis created by financial alchemist (alchemist are ancient chemist who see ways of turning cheap base metal into precious, expensive gold). For some it is a crisis, for those with cash to invest, it may be an opportunity for grabbing bargain real estate investments while still keeping tract of the latest status of your Facebook friends. Below is a screenshot of how I may do it:

Facebook social browser window showing latest status of Facebook friends

The above shows a foreclosures website as viewed with the Flock social web browser on the right side while in the left sidebar one can see our Face friends with their latest status. So now, while you are seeking real estate bargains, at a glance, you are informed of what your friends are doing, what is their mood, the circumstance there are faced with, or whatever they may want to put in their Facebook status. Note also the numerous tabs at the top of the screenshot showing you can doing many different things with a single window.

Florida is a good place for retirement plus as investment as it is a popular tourist destination with its plentiful theme parks plus a winter migration target for those from colder region. I heard property prices can be pretty high in Florida (do your own research, this information is unverified), so this might be the chance for you to grab the property you always wanted at a price you could never can get before this sub-prime crisis which is flooding the market with foreclosures.

Arizona is where I have a sister-in-law with a Chinese restaurant (Yuma) and although it may get very hot in summer, there is always nearby California to run away to for cooler climate.

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